WHAT WE CAN DOOur Services



We can see children and adults for almost any illness, every day. If your doctor doesn’t have any
available appointments or if it is after hours, Precise Urgent Care will see you!! We can send a summary
of your visit to your doctor too if requested, and if you need a prescription, we will send it electronically
to any pharmacy.

Conditions we can treat: Fever, allergies, dehydration, rashes, abscesses, ear pain, ear wax removal,
cough, STDs, sore throat, sinus trouble, asthma, vomiting, diarrhea, urine infections, eye redness/pain.


Whether you are in school sports, a weekend warrior, or one of those people who say: “I don’t need a
professional, I can do it myself”, Precise Urgent Care can handle it!!

Conditions we can treat: stitches, back pain/injury, fractures, splinting, sprains, strains, mild head
injuries, burns, fish hook and splinter removals.


Vitamin Therapy

Sometimes you just need a little boost to keep up with life. Precise Urgent Care has partnered with Liquivida to offer 6 different vitamin infusions to help you recover or add that extra pep in your step:

We also have Vitamin B12 injections.

Employer Services

Injured on the job? Applying for a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)? Precise Urgent Care is able to
offer DOT Physicals and treat workers comp employees. We have a dedicated team for our work-related matters so if whether you are a business or employee looking for services, please reach out for more
information at [email protected].


Men’s Health

Coming Soon

Additional Services

We also offer EKGs, Tuberculosis testing (PPD), vaccinations (Flu, Tetanus, MMR, Shingles, Pneumonia,
Meningococcus), and Sports Physicals.